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Efficient in every step of production


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A clean start

A smooth intake process greatly reduces problems further down the production line, and will even increase the quality of the finished product. We offer customized intake solutions for every format, from jute bags to tankers. Our systems test for bean quality from the very beginning and sifts through the unprocessed product to clear away debris that can have a negative impact downstream. 


Automated cleaning

Dust, gravel, debris and other foreign objects mixed in with your beans can reduce the efficiency of your production process. It will increase wear and tear, cause malfunctions and break-downs and even contaminate the finished product. We offer a range of dependable automated cleaning solutions, to be an integrated part of your production line.

Bean sorting

Sometimes the undesired object is a coffee bean. Defective beans cause inconsistency of flavour and can even contaminate the quality of an entire batch. We offer a range of automated bean sorting devices, that analyse the weight, shape, moisture content and color of your beans before roasting, greatly increasing the quality, purity and consistency of your finished product.


Consistency and control

Every component in the roasting line is important for your finished product. The most important is of course the roaster itself. We design and build roasting lines around any quality coffee roaster, but always base our own solutions around Loring Smart Roast systems. They give you more control, flexibility  and consistency. In our opinion, they are the best roaster.

Flexible efficiency

Create profiles to achieve the same quality, roast after roast, even when changing batch sizes. Share roast profiles from roaster to roaster. Control your roast remotely. A Loring never overheats and needs little cool down between roasts. Multiple single task motors means you can cool one batch, while roasting another. Roast anywhere between 20%-100% of batch capacity with consistent results. Explore new flavor profiles or keep your batches small for micro-lots or to fill special customer orders.

Built to last, designed for growth

The Loring is engineered to provide you with years of easy upkeep. The highest quality stainless steel gives maximum durability. A self cleaning hot stack and easy access to all cleaning areas makes it the most hygienic machine out there. As your business grows, simply add another roaster to your roasting line, or upgrade your Loring to a higher volume roaster. All your roasting profiles will function exactly like they did on your original machine.


Storage and logistics

Well-designed storage solutions are more than just a place to keep your coffee. They help you retain the quality of your finished product and improve the efficiency of your production process. TCRC designs and installs degassing and storage solutions  for medium to large-scale roasteries. Precision engineered steel silos and bins  as well as flexible, versatile pvc products. We partner with the very best producers of equipment in the industry and seamlessly integrate their product in your production line.


Quality on the granular level

We offer a range of compression-free grinding solutions that slice the beans rather than crush them. This offers superior particle control, while preserving the bean’s micro-cells, allowing the ground particles to retain the whole beans full flavour. Easy-to-use, long-lasting machinery producing superior results with a minimum of maintenance.


Protect and display

We supply a range of award-winning packaging machines, aimed at both boutique roasteries and mass-market producers. Produce premium packaging that meets the highest food safety protocols, and expand your product range across whole beans, ground coffee, bricks, pods and capsules. These innovative will package your product gently and present it boldly, displaying your quality while protecting it. We strongly believe in sustainability, which is also to recommend products with a lifespan not less than 20 years, and often longer.

TCRC roasting solutions

A well designed production line will produce better coffee, more consistently - for lower costs.  The Coffee Roasting Company helps you optimize quality and efficiency in every step of the production process with our carefully selected partners. Whether we help you improve just a single component in your process or design your entire production line, our solutions will have three key qualities:

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